Game Jams

Game Jams are fun. Here are some games I jammed. Most of them are not actually all that fun.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 6.03.29 PM.png

Building On The Edge

The edge of a cliff, crowded with buildings

You are on the edge of a cliff, crowded with buildings. You have the urge to build more. You MUST build more. The trucks keep coming. Where do they come from? Don't run out of Money or you're fired!



A time for space battles.

It is a time. Space battles raging across all of the space universe. Your mission today is to claim the space planet Celauss for empire and glory. It won’t be easy.

Defend your space battleship for the dreaded enemy space battleship.

Summon space fighters, space bombers, and space mega blasts to defeat the enemy space.



Where are all the whales coming from?

A game of leaping from dead whale to dead whale to discover the secret of the dead whales.



Mondrian inspired unfun

A game about unattainable goals and bumping into things.